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President Takayuki Yamaguchi

Since our founding in 1957, our goal at Non-Destructive Inspection Company Limited has been to act as the defenders of safety, using non-destructive inspection technology to protect the safety of society, and to provide safety-related technology services that incorporate our corporate ideas, techniques, and philosophy. These last 60 years have only been possible thanks to our customers, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Across Japan, consolidation and reorganization of plants have progressed in step with a changing society--particularly with an increased focus on energy-related issues--and with that the overall aging of social infrastructure has become a major concern. As our name suggests, we are aware of the growing expectations of non-destructive testing, and we continue to do our best to develop new technologies and improve our quality and services in order to best respond to any and all customer requests.

At Non-Destructive Inspection Technology Company Limited, we strive to be a group of technicians that cherishes safety and the value of people and things while also harboring the clarity required to recognize the merits and limitations of all things. We look forward to your support and guidance in this endeavor.

Our Business

  • Inspections of devices, equipment and materials supplied to various plants (power plants, chemical plants, ship building, bridges, high rise buildings etc.) from initial manufacture to their installation, and inspections and diagnoses of facilities as part of periodic overhauls.
  • Maintenance work and appurtenant work of plants
  • Investigations in case of accidents or failures of plants
  • Inspection of spacecraft, aircraft, automobile parts, new materials, etc.
  • Physical and chemical experiments on materials and welds
  • Annealing work
  • Underground detection
  • Safety evaluation of bridges, highways, high-rise buildings, etc.
  • Development of software for inspections
  • Manufacture, sales and maintenance of inspection apparatuses
  • Inspections applicable to the inspection system for damage reparation (Insurance basing on non-destructive inspection vocational risk special agreement)
  • Consultant business of non-destructive inspection and general inspection work
  • Education, training and guidance to non-destructive inspection engineers

Corporate Profile

Corporate name

Non-Destructive Inspection Company Limited.

Head office

Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan 550-0014
TEL. 81-6-6539-5821(Rep)
FAX. 81-6-6539-5820
E-mail : infome@hihakaikensa.co.jp
URL : http://www.hihakaikensa.co.jp

Tokyo Office

2-9-8 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 103-0025
TEL. 81-3-5651-0311
FAX. 81-3-5651-0322


June 21, 1957



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Takayuki Yamaguchi

Permission to use radioisotope (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

No. 962 (October 8, 1965)
No. 1518 (October 2, 1969)
No. 2967 (March 1, 1978)
No. 3074 (March 28, 1979)
No. 3199 (April 10, 1980)
No. 4698 (February 4, 1997)
No. 4823 (September 22, 1998)
No. 7015 (July 20, 2017)

Certifications acquired by the company

The Japan Welding Engineering Society (C.I.W.) Type A Certification (April 1, 1978)
Electron Science Institute, Sub-committee on Facilities, Grade A Certification (October 1, 1978)
Institution for issuing Radiation Effect Control Notebook
(Central Registration Center for persons engaged in radiation related work)
M0710A (December 20, 1978)
M0710B (December 20, 1978)
ISO9001 certification, International Organization for Standardization, quality assurance system
(July 2, 1999)

  • Head Office
  • Osaka Division
  • Kobe Division
  • Tokyo Division
  • Research Institute of Safety and Diagnosis Technology

Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan, 550-0014
E-mail : infome@hihakaikensa.co.jp

  • Head Office
  • Osaka Division
  • Kobe Division
  • Tokyo Division
  • Research Institute of Safety and Diagnosis Technology