Starting point and principles

Aiming for unlimited safety demanded by the new age

Unlimited passion and action to realize a safe society regardless of place or time are optimum conditions for making progress. Present-day society is supported by industrial and social assets that continue to expand. But, in many advanced countries, old industrial and social assets are about to be replaced by new ones. In Japan, with the superannuation of various facilities, a complex situation never experienced before is being seen. Under such circumstances, society, in advancing towards the future, demands higher levels of safety and yearns for advanced technology to realize such levels. Furthermore, in recent years, "harmony with the global environment" has become essential with technologies, therefore safety targets are expanding and becoming more profound. With the "proactive creation of safety" as our self-imposed mission, we are working in anticipation of the needs of the era as we advance towards the future. To these ends, we are working to integrate diverse technologies and to develop superior advanced technology. We are working with cutting edge technology to realize the ideal of our position as the "guardians of safety in the new age".

A specialist group for non-destructive inspections
Research Institute of Safety and Diagnosis Technology

Non-destructive engineering technology was first developed to detect defects and abnormal conditions without destroying the object being inspected. The development of this technology greatly contributed towards maintaining the safety of various plants and structures, and supported industrialized societies without being apparent to the eye.
However, with the growing complexity and increasing high levels of industrial technology, the target and scope of inspection work is being greatly affected by the superannuation of plant systems. To operate in an age of rising needs for such complex and diverse inspections, the Non-Destructive Inspection Company is emphasizing technology that searches for causes of trouble and their evaluation, rather than pursue purely technology that centers around the detection of defects and abnormal conditions.
It is not an overstatement to say that this evaluation technology is an innovation of non-destructive inspection technology. This is because a great deal of specialized technology and knowledge far in excess of past requirements will be needed to realize this evaluation technology.
The viewpoint is changing from technology for discovering problems to technology for identifying causes and predicting and preventing problems. If the cause becomes clear, it is only natural that it will become much easier to take necessary measures to prevent its reoccurrence.
Anything that is made will eventually become superannuated and destruct. Here, various laws of nature are at work and it is our thinking that safety may be evaluated with greater accuracy if we were to clarify these mechanisms. The Research Institute of Safety and Diagnosis Technology has been established as a first specialist research institution in Japan for realizing non-destructive inspections of a new age. The upgrading of the level of non-destructive inspections themselves to realize a safer society is one of the main objectives of the Research Institute of Safety and Diagnosis Technology.